VTech Process Equipment LLC | Process Equipment for HVAC/R Assembly Lines

VTech offers a comprehensive range of electrical safety and performance test equipment meeting the needs of appliance, commercial and residential equipment manufacturers.

Electrical Safety Test
For Electrical Safety Testing, VTech’s product range includes the VTech ST Series integrated system for multiple tests as well as the VTech EL Series test modules suitable to perform single independent tests. These tests include:

  • Earth Continuity (Ground Bond)
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Dielectric Strength (Hi-Pot)
  • Earth leakage current 
  • Power Consumption
Performance Test
For Performance Testing, VTech's PT Series (for 1 ph or 3 ph) includes our CAR10F PC & Software package as well as ACF1 Data Aquisition units which send temperature and current consumption data either wirelessly or through RS485 cable to the CAR10F unit. In addition to the standard products outlined in this section, we welcome enquiries for customized solutions.
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