VTech Process Equipment LLC | Process Equipment for HVAC/R Assembly Lines

The VTech PT Series End of Line Performance Test Systems are designed to test the correct functioning of residential and commercial refrigerators and appliances. Two versions are available, Wire485 and Radio Link. Wire 485 uses a standard RS485 communication cable to the PC, while the Radio Link model communicates over Radio Frequency. The Radio Link version can be used on a carousel.

The system is composed by one CAR10F main station with PC and a number of ACF data acquisition boxes. The required numbers of ACF units depends on the productivity and the test time. Each data acquisition box can measure up to 4 temperatures as well as the refrigerator current consumption. The test parameters for each model of refrigerator are previously stored in the control software database. At the end of the test, the final result is displayed on the computer of the control station and all relevant data is stored in the database for traceability or statistical analysis.