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A Pressure Leak Test or Pressure Decay Leak Test involves pressurizing the coil, component or refrigeration circuit with dry air or nitrogen and monitoring for a pressure drop over a preset time period.
  • It is an automatic pass/fail test suitable for finding gross leaks, in the range of tens of ounces of refrigerant per year.
  • Pressure decay should be used as a preliminary test prior to Helium or Hydrogen Leak Testing.
  • Can replace water bath test but does not provide leak location; a tracer gas leak test such as Helium or Hydrogen/Nitrogen mix is required to locate leaks.
Unit of Measure

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Pressure Decay Leak Test

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Component Evacuation

Leak Location?

N/A Yes N/A 1 or 2 N/A Optional N/A No
N/A Yes N/A up to 4 N/A Optional N/A No
N/A Yes N/A 1-4 N/A Yes N/A No