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VTech’s Pre-Vac 10 Manual Pre-Evacuation System is designed to evacuate refrigeration circuits before refrigerant filling, meeting the requirements of outgassing and drying phases for HVAC/R production lines. VTech's Pre-Vac 10 consists of a single vacuum pump, vacuum hose and manifold assembly with digital vacuum gauge, which displays the current vacuum level in microns, torr, etc. The Pre-Vac 10 can be realized in a stationary configuration, integrated with a carousel system(such as VTech DataVac), or on its own portable cart. 

Its "manual" operation requires that the evacuation time be kept by the operator. If an automatic type system is required, then the VTech 40 is desirable; the VTech 40 systems include customizable presets so the operator does not have to monitor the cycle, as well as a vacuum decay leak test.  

Unit of Measure

Vacuum Decay Test

N/A No

Vacuum sensor

N/A Active Pirani

Vacuum measurement range

N/A 1 x 104 ÷ 1 x 10-3 Pa (7.5 x 104 ÷ 7.5 x 10-1 µm)

Vacuum measurement unit

N/A Pa, Torr, µm Hg

Rotary pump ultimate vacuum

N/A 1 x 10-2 Pa (1 x 10-4 mbar, 7.5 x 10-2 µm Hg)

Vacuum hose length

N/A 8 ft2.4 m

User Interface

N/A Digital Vacuum Gauge Display



Vacuum Pump Size

N/A 10 m³/h6.8 cfm