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The Data-Vac system is designed for domestic and commercial refrigeration manufacturers who have a number of pumps from which to monitor and collect vacuum data for quality purposes. Data-Vac adds a high level of automation to any production line, re-ducing operator dependency.VTech’s Data-Vac Vacuum Data Management Sys-tem consists primarily of a RF-GATE wireless com-munication hub and TA-SAT PC Monitoring System, which work together to record and process vacuum data from a remote evacuation carousel via RS232 or wireless connection. The RF-GATE transmits the vacuum data being collected by the TA100/TA100RF vacuum gauges, and sends it to the TA-SAT system for monitoring, recording, trending, etc. The TA-SAT system includes and Industrial PC with Hard drive, keyboard, mouse, 15’’ LCD monitor, Windows XP, PC100 and integration of RF-GATE.

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