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The VTech MRC Refrigerant Charging System for HFC Refrigerants (e.g. R134a) is specifically designed for medium-high productivity applications such as in Domestic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. It is fully customizable in terms of charging injectors and gas metering technology. A wide variety of optional items provide additional flexibility to meet virtually any process requirement.
Unit of Measure

# of fillers

N/A 1 or 2

Charging Accuracy (%)

N/A ± 0.5% > 100g / 3.5 oz %

Charging Accuracy (weight)

N/A ± 1g < 100 g g± .035 oz < 3.5 oz

Charging Speed

N/A depending on refrigerant up to 150 g/sdepending on refrigerant up to 5.3 oz/s


N/A Industrial PC

Filler Length

N/A 3 m10 ft

Refrigerant Type

N/A HFC, HCFC and blends

Unit Presets

N/A Virtually Unlimited

Barcode Scanning

N/A Barcode Read/Write


N/A Process Data Read/Write

Larger Touch Screen

N/A 15" Color 17" Color

Internet Support Ready

N/A Remote Assistance

Larger Vacuum Pump

N/A 15 m³/h (11 cfm) 21 m³/h (15 cfm)

Low Side Evacuation

N/A Secondary Vacuum Hose

Refrigerant Supply

N/A Heater Belt(s) & Tank Support(s) for 100 lb. tanks Refrigerant Transfer Pump & Accumulator for Bulk tanks

Stack Light

N/A 2 or 3 Color Visual Alarm

Installation & Training

N/A Guided Project Start-up & Process Education Turnkey Assembly Lines