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The VTech MRC-HC Automatic Evacuation and Refrigerant Charging System is designed for safely and accurately charging HC refrigerants (e.g. R290, R600a, R170 or R32) in a production environment. The system also performs an automatic vacuum cycle and a vacuum decay leak test, prior to refrigerant charging.

The VTech MRC-HC can also be configured for mixed productions of HC and HFC refrigerants on the same production line with barcode selection of the cycle. Regardless of the selected configuration, the VTech equipment will deliver, fast, accurate and trouble-free operation.

A Safety Equipment Package (SAFE-HC) is configured for each installation in accordance wtih NFPA70 (Class I, Div. 2 in North America or ATEX where applicable). VTech will deliver a turnkey solution including regulatory compliance. Please refer to the SAFE-HC brochure for additional information.

Unit of Measure

Refrigerant Type

N/A Isobutane (R600a) Propane (R290) Ethane (R170), R32. Others on request

# of fillers

N/A 1 or 2

Filler Length

N/A 2.5 m8 ft

Charging Speed

N/A up to 150 g/sup to 5.3 oz/s

Charging Accuracy (weight)

N/A ± 0.5 g < 100 g g± 0.017 oz < 3.5 oz oz

Charging Accuracy (%)

N/A > 100g ± 0.5 g %

User Interface

N/A 12" Color Touch Screen

Unit Presets

N/A Virtually Unlimited


N/A Microprocessor & PLC

Vacuum Pump Size

N/A 10 m³/h6 cfm

Remote Safety Monitoring

N/A Power Management & Ventilation Control


N/A Exhaust Fans with Flow Sensors

Gas Detection

N/A Infrared Sensors

Safety Enclosures

N/A Designed and Built to Suit

Stack Light

N/A 2 or 3 Color Visual Alarm Audio Alarm

Barcode Scanning

N/A Barcode Read/Write


N/A Process Data Read/Write

Larger Vacuum Pump

N/A 15 m³/h (11 cfm) 21 m³/h (15 cfm)

Larger Touch Screen

N/A 15" Color 17" Color

Refrigerant Supply

N/A Heater Belt(s) & Tank Support(s) for 100 lb. tanks Refrigerant Transfer Pump & Accumulator for Bulk tanks

Internet Support Ready

N/A Remote Assistance


N/A 12 Months Standard Extended Warranty Available

Technical Assistance

N/A Field Service Engineering Free Lifetime Telephone & Email Support In-house Equipment Repair

Installation & Training

N/A Guided Project Start-up & Process Education Turnkey Assembly Lines