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The VTech VacuTester is capable of detecting very small leaks, in the range of 1 x 10-7 mbar l/s, equivalent to 0.03 oz. of refrigerant per year, in coils, components or refrigeration systems. It is particularly suitable for high productivity operations.  
It involves pulling a deep vacuum in the chamber containing the unit under test (UUT) and injecting high pressure helium into it. Any resulting helium leakage is detected by the integrated mass spectrometer. The test result is Pass/Fail. In order to locate the leaking point, a manual sniffer leak detector must be used.
Unit of Measure

# of parts/test

N/A Customizable

Leak Test Resolution (Helium)

N/A 1 x 10-7 mbar * l/s

User Interface

N/A 12" Color Touch Screen



Unit Presets

N/A Virtually Unlimited

Tracer Gas

N/A Helium

Barcode Scanning

N/A Scan model and serial number


N/A Read and write process data

Internet Support Ready

N/A Remote Assistance

Stack Light

N/A 2 or 3 Color Audio Alarm

Installation & Training

N/A Guided Project Start-up & Process Education

Technical Assistance

N/A Lifetime Free Telephone and Email Support