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The VTech Punto-Leak eliminates the issues typically associated with manual sniffing. The system design is based on gas traps that are manually applied to each testing point. The automatic cycle first checks the global leak rate of the UUT; if it exceeds the set maximum leak test resolution, it checks each gas trap independently until it identifies the leaking point. The VTech Punto-Leak is recommended for low-medium productivity operations. 

Detectable Refrigerants

N/A R600a / R290, R744 (CO2) Halogen-based refrigerants

Smallest detectable leak

N/A 0.3 g / 0.01 oz. of refrigerant per year

Response Time

N/A <1 second

Warm up time

N/A 60 seconds

Measurement Units

N/A g/year or oz./year

Adjustable Set Points

N/A 1


N/A External Leak Standard

Technical Assistance

N/A Free Lifetime Telephone & Email

Installation & Training

N/A Guided Project Start-up & Process Education