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The HLD6000 is the industry standard refrigerant leak detector for testing charged products for leaks during run test, prior to shipment. The HLD6000 is based on infrared technology, more accurate and reliable than similar halogen models.

Detectable Refrigerants

N/A R600a / R290, R744 (CO2) Halogen-based refrigerants

Smallest detectable leak

N/A 0.5 g/a / 0.014 oz/yr 1.0 g/a / 0.03 oz/yr

Response Time

N/A <1 second

Warm up time

N/A < 30 s

Measurement Units

N/A g/a, mbar l/s, oz/yr, lb/yr, Pa m3/s

Adjustable Set Points

N/A 1


N/A External Leak Standard

Technical Assistance

N/A Free Lifetime Telephone & Email Support

Installation & Training

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