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The VTech 50 Pressure Decay Leak Test System performs a U.L. Burst Test and Pressure Decay Leak Test, in coils, compressors or refrigeration units.

The VTech 50 can be configured as follows:

  • Standard configuration with slope top enclosure   
  • Cabinet with Integrated safety hood and conveyor system
Unit of Measure

Leak test Resolution (Pressure Decay)

N/A ± 70 Pa (0.010 psig)

# of parts/test

N/A up to 4

Maximum working pressure

N/A 206 bar3000 psig

User Interface

N/A 6" or 8" Color Touch Screen

Unit Presets

N/A 50 (Expanable to 200)



Component Evacuation

N/A Optional

Barcode Scanning

N/A Scan model and serial numbers


N/A Read and write process data

Stack Light

N/A 2 or 3 Color Audio Alarm

Internet Support Ready

N/A Remote Technical Assistance

Installation & Training

N/A Guided Project Start-up & Process Education

Technical Assistance

N/A Free Lifetime Telephone & Email Support


N/A Made in the USA from primarily commercial components