VTech Process Equipment LLC | Process Equipment for HVAC/R Assembly Lines
  • VTech 202PD

    Commercial Refrigeration products can be very diverse in terms of size, refrigerant type and charge weight. Production equipment flexibility becomes a key factor in this market. Productivity is typically low to medium and in some instances allows the integration of additional functions, such as leak testing and pre-evacuation, within the refrigerant charging equipment. Typical refrigerants include R134a, R404a, HFO Blends (e.g. R448), and R290 (Propane).

  • VTech MRC

    Domestic Refrigeration production is characterized by highly automated, fast paced assembly lines with limited process variability. Automation, process data traceability and high charging accuracy are the main requirements for refrigerant charging equipment in domestic refrigeration. Typical refrigerants are R134a and R600 (Isobutane).

  • VTech 101 AC

    Air Conditioning production encompasses a wide range of products, from large roof top units to small domestic appliances and specialty custom products. VTech’s range of refrigerant chargers covers the full spectrum of this end-user market, including low and high productivity standard machines as well as custom designed solutions. Typical refrigerants include R407c, R410a and R32.

  • VTech Fast Charge

    Refrigerant Cylinder Filling requires high-speed automatic charging of multiple refrigerants from bulk tanks to smaller cylinders for distribution. Virtually any refrigerant gas can be handled.